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You meet interesting people if you go to English for Lunch…

You’ll find out some interesting things if you can make it to the next Language for Lunch...

If we didn’t have English for Lunch, Thursday afternoons would be boring…

If you’d been at last week’s English for Lunch, you would’ve found out what ‘my tu bin’ means... This week we looked at what conjunctions (like ‘unless’, ‘until’ and ‘once’) are and how we use them, and how to pronounce them in real sentences.

We then looked in more detail at zero, first, second and third conditionals, how to use the conjunction ‘if in these types of sentence, the importance of cause and effect and what the different conditional forms really mean.

The last thing we focused on was how British people usually pronounce conditional sentences in real life - you might be surprised! (For example, ‘wouldn’t have been’ sounds more like ‘wood nu bin’...)

Join us on Thursday 26 October at 12.30pm to journey further into some other conjunctions and for a chance to ask any other English language questions which have been on your mind!

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