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Once you've been to English for Lunch...

Once you've been to English for Lunch, you'll never look at English the same way again!

You’ll never know what you’re missing unless you come to English for Lunch.

When you get to know them, conjunctions aren’t so bad...

This week we reviewed the unreal (2nd and 3rd) conditionals we looked at last week, then we looked in more detail at ‘unless’, ‘until’, ‘once’, ‘as soon as’, ‘when’ and ‘whether.’ We looked at how to pronounce them in real-life sentences and found out that, grammatically, they can usually be used like ‘if’ in 1st conditionals.

We also practised listening to these conjunctions in real-life sentences, and learned that other future forms like ‘going to’ can sometimes be used instead of ‘will.’

Finally, everyone used the conjunctions to talk about their own lives (remembering to try and pronounce them as naturally as they could!). So now everyone who was there knows what ‘u soo nuz’ means...

Join us on Thursday 02 November at 12.30pm to focus on syllable stress and, of course, to ask any other English language questions which have been on your mind!
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