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We could’ve flown home if Ryanair hadn’t cancelled our flight!

Here’s what you missed in English for lunch on 28th September 2017! 

First of all, just to be clear, there is no actual ‘lunch’ served! This is a lunchtime class, with a fun name. Glad we explained that, I don’t want anyone to be disappointed when there are no sandwiches on the tables (though, it anyone wants to bring some biscuits next time, that would be great!). But, you do get a Senior Teacher explaining whatever you need to know about English language, so it’s not that bad.

Today’s topic was ‘could’ve, would’ve, should’ve’ and phrasal verbs. Plus, just as an add on, we looked at some errors from students this week on verb patterns. Let me give you an example:

There is no point to go outside if it’s raining. WRONG! 
There is no point in going outside if it’s raining. RIGHT! 

What’s the difference between ‘she stopped smoking’ and ‘she stopped to smoke’? Just tell me at the office.

Moving on to ‘could’ve, would’ve, should’ve’, established three main explanations: 

Something was to be done, but it wasn't.
We should've (should have) bought the new car. (It wasn't done)

Something wasn't done because of something else.
We would've (would have) bought the car if we had the money.

Something wasn't done because of some external factor, not our own fault.
We could've (could have) flown home if Ryanair hadn’t cancelled our flight.

Then it was time for phrasal verbs, though we were running out of time as we had a lot to catch up on in the previous topics.

We looked at the following: 

Run + out + on + through + into

And a few classics like ‘carry on’, ‘get up’, ‘wake up’. The main point is to remember to learn the phrasal verbs and then experiment and try to use them as much as possible until they become natural.

So, for next week we are going to carry on with PHRASAL VERBS and try to fit in the 25 most common ones.

Are you coming? Are you hungry? Join English for lunch at 12.30 next Thursday. 


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