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If I had attended English for Lunch, I would be able to understand this grammar!

If I had the chance, I would be an English language teacher all over again! If only I could be in the classroom all day and not in the office, I would be as happy as Larry.

The last week, in English for Lunch, we had a fantastic (although fast), session on the four main conditional types in English; zero, first, second and third. We formed the sentences, checked the grammar, made new examples and then practiced with classmates. If only you’d been there!!!

But, that was not all, we kicked off the session (note the phrases verb!), by talking about some common singulars and plurals, which sparked off (another phrasal verb) a great comparison of the ‘tooth fairy’s’ behaviour in various countries around the world. Did you know that in the Dominican Republic, when children lose their baby teeth, they throw them onto the neighbour’s roof!

So, what is new for this week? Well, the good news is that our Director, Jon Letson is BACK (with a bad back, poor Jon), and he will be taking over English for Lunch. So far on the list we have the following to look at;

How to use; if, when, while, whether, until, unless, once, as soon as.

We may even have time for some mixed conditionals. Watch this space.

Do you have any requests? Any burning questions? If you let us know, we can answer (first conditional) next week.

See you there! 12.30pm October 19th, free for full-time students, everyone welcome (£5 per person).

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