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Hi there,

I'm Shekinah,
I'm a twenty-four-year-old graduate living in Wales and currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology, in the hope of becoming a Neuropsychologist. I'm from England but have spent the majority of my life living in many different countries like Saudi Arabia, Spain, Yemen, and Ireland.

I graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Spanish and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I had the opportunity to teach in Spain for a year where I gained different teaching methods, which helped me embark on my journey to becoming a teacher. I now work at Peartree Languages as a part-time teacher and so the structure of my day as a teacher is highly unpredictable but enjoyable.

Shekinah in South Korea, Seoul
When it comes down to helping someone I always try to provide assistance and guidance where needed. I believe creativity should be the driving force in the classroom because it can stimulate spontaneous conversations and encourage learners to participate more. At times when it does become challenging, I momentarily become entangled in my own thoughts, trying to figure out ways to make the classroom a better place for learning. When I feel that I have played a part in helping someone move closer to their goal which they value and deserve, it is the most rewarding experience.

As it stands now have I decided to take up a subject that explores the prospect of studying the human behavior, which I find intriguing. I think it's truly worthwhile to fight for your dreams even though it's difficult at times, you've just got to put your best foot forward and that's what I'm doing right now. Fight for your dreams.

Wish me luck guys! 
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