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The secrets of Cardiff Castle

Have you already visited Cardiff Castle? Maybe you have found, as many others, that the admission is rather expensive and postponed your visit for some “special occasion.” Many of you have already been in and would probably like to go again. We have a solution for all of you who live, work or study in Cardiff: Cardiff Castle key! Keep on reading to find out more.

However, before we will disclose something more, let’s have a look at some history facts. The first fort of the castle was built around 50AD during the Roman period. Throughout the centuries, other parts of the castle were built and various aristocratic families lived in there. The significant milestone could be marked in the second half of eighteenth century when the 2nd Marquess of Bute was in charge. He made Cardiff the greatest port with coal export service. One hundred years later his son John financed the reconstruction of the castle and thanks to the architect William Burges Cardiff Castle looks so awesome. In fact, he made each room special and different from the others so you can find there for example Mediterranean gardens, Italian decorations, Arabic decors and many others.

In terms of contemporary history, the 4th Marquess of Bute had finished all the necessary works on the Castle and after his death the property was given to the city of Cardiff. For few decades the Castle was home to the National College of Music and Drama and since 1974 it has become one of the most popular visitor attractions in Wales.

Trip to Cardiff Castle is very popular at Peartree Languages
You can either access the castle as a tourist for a touristic fee or as a local with a “Castle Key.” It is not a real key though but it is a card which allows you to enter the castle whenever you want during the opening hours. Thus, for a fee of £6 you can visit the majority of the rooms and gardens for 3 years and it will also entitle you to some discounts on the grounds, one of them is 10% on souvenirs from the gift shop. The only thing you have to do to get this card is to have a proof of Cardiff address (eg: a council tax or utility bill) or a letter from your employer to confirm that you work in Cardiff. After bringing it to the Cardiff Castle Ticket Office (which is open every day from 9am to 5pm) and paying the fee, you will get your loyalty card.

We hope, that you have discovered a new information today. Let us know if you are going to get your key to the Cardiff Castle for the next three years for the half of the normal entrance fee. If so, feel free to add your photo with it in the comments. Enjoy your visit of the Cardiff Castle!
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