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It is time to 'Fall Back'

Twice a year the time changes. One in March and one in October, to mark the beginning and the end of British Summer Time.

In March we need to move the clock one hour forward, which means that we lose an hour of sleep but, thankfully, in October we get the hour back. As we move the clock one hour back, from 3am to 2am, we can have a nice lie-in and stay in bed for a full hour longer. Shame it is not like that every weekend, but we can't have everything!

It is this weekend that we will 'Fall Back' in time and we need to change the clock on Sunday the 29th of October.

Why do we need to change the time?

Have you ever wondered why we need to change the time? The daylight is the answer. In March, the clocks go forward so we gain more daylight, which in a nutshell means that we can work longer. Lucky us...
To remember the time change, many use the phrase 'spring forward in spring, fall back in fall'.

But what is really important to remember? Firstly, don't forget to change your normal clocks at home, so you will not come too soon for any of your meetings or family gatherings, if have any on Sunday. The second important thing to remember is that your mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets might change the time automatically. You don't need to do it manually as, if you did, you would have two more hours and not just one. If you think that can't happen, well trust me, it can (personal experience!).

Other advantages than just a longer beauty sleep

According to some supporters and scientists, the change of time reduces traffic accidents, saves energy (mostly in the summertime), boosts tourism and encourages more people to exercise outdoors.

By setting the clocks back in winter, we get an earlier sunrise and earlier sunset but, unfortunately, we get the dark and cold evenings and feelings of depression. It can also cause a 'hibernation feeling' for the human population (as animals are sorted) when nobody wants to leave their own bed, and some people consider quitting their job on a daily basis.

However, for the optimistic people, it also means that Christmas and the festive season is getting closer. I wonder if the earlier and darker evenings have any effect on the shopping skills of humans and choosing the appropriate Christmas presents? We should ask the citizens of the southern hemisphere who celebrate Christmas on a beach and in a hot weather...

In fact, this time period with shorter days will only last for a couple of months (approximately), as after New Year the days will be slightly longer and we will have more and more daylight again.

So, for this weekend, you can either gain an hour of extra sleep or an hour of extra partying (Halloween is coming) - just don't forget to change the clocks (not on your mobile phones) on Sunday from 3am to 2am.

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