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Food, glorious food!

Is it me, or does it sometimes feel like the world is going mad these days? I am so lucky to work in a wonderful little corner of an international city and every day the world comes to my door.

Amazing cupcakes were given to us by Michele, from the Apothecary
Turkish Delight - sweets from Zeinep
Ilkay with another portion of Turkish sweets
Thamir brought us home-cooked lunch
and snacks from Saudi Arabia made of dates
I meet representatives from all continents and many nations on a daily basis and I see, first hand, how well people with very different languages, cultures, religions and ways of life are able to communicate, understand each other and become friends with the right support and encouragement. I love my job, it often feels like a small light in a dark time.

Brazilian Brigadeiros from Christian
Colombian Colaciones from Marcela
French macaroons from Lea, that I will never forget
Lunch in Sultan Grill
Amazing Italian Tiramisu made by Matteo
The year 2017 started with a box of Sicilian sweets
Our collection of international sweets from Slovakia, Turkey and Colombia
And, there is one thing that always unites people more than anything else, I suppose it’s logical, we can’t live without… FOOD! Over the years we have been delighted, spoilt and certainly gained a few kilos trying amazing food from all over the world. Everything from aunty Jean’s welsh cakes to Thai dried fish snacks to fresh dates hand-picked from Saudi Arabia - it’s all been gratefully consumed. In fact, it’s so well known that we always have a range of items to try that our students actually complain if there is nothing on offer!

Omani sweets for every occasion that you can imagine from Salim
Food is glorious. But not only because we like the taste. It offers us a small window into another country and culture. We can try the spices, the flavours, experience the smells and with a little imagination you can be transported, for a brief moment while the taste lasts, to Burma or China or Brazil… you can travel through taste, no boarding pass needed.

Real Arabic Coffee and hand-picked dates from Saudi Arabia
Bringing in authentic food also gives students the chance to introduce their new friends in a foreign place to their home. They can use their English skills to explain how the food is made, the ingredients, when it is eaten and many more glimpses into their familiar world. This brings everyone closer and even if the food is not to your personal taste, I have never ever felt that the sharing of food has any negatives. ‘Breaking bread’ together is a tradition that is as old as humanity, it brings us together, it helps us understand each other and we share one of the most fundamental human experiences - eating!

The best Welsh cakes and pancakes are made by aunty Jean without any doubt
Whatever our differences, we all have to eat! Now, any donations for a Donald Trump international food parcel?! ;-)

Treating ourselves after a hard work during summer with these delicious Libyan dishes, thanks Samira! Happy Friday!

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