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Will you be my Valentine?

All you need is love, love is in the air, love me like you do… it’s Valentine’s Day! 

Are you the apple of someone’s eye? Are you smitten? Do you have a crush?

Let’s share some love and learn some English language idioms related to that lovely four letter word ‘LOVE.’!

Today’s toast was a Valentine breakfast...sweets for the sweetest students ;-) 
1. A match made in heaven – two people who are extremely compatible and will have a great life together
Ex: We are a match made in heaven. Let’s get married. 

2. To fall head over heels in love – to fall completely in love
Ex. He has fallen head over heels in love with Jane. 

3. To be smitten with someone – to be completely captivated by someone and feel immense joy
Ex. Sally is smitten with this Gary chap she met the other day. She can’t stop talking about him. 

4. To be the apple of someone’s eye – to be loved and treasured by someone, normally a parent
Ex. Yasmin can do no wrong. She is the apple of her father’s eye. 
 (or a happy PEARTree? ;-) ) 
5. To be a soul mate – to be someone who understands and accepts the other person completely
Ex. My husband is my best friend and my soul mate. 

6. To take one’s breath away – when you are so in love with that person that you find it difficult to breathe
Ex. You are so beautiful that you take my breath away (To be extra romantic you could play “Take my Breath Away” by Berlin!)

7. To be someone’s one and only – to be unique to the other person
Ex. You will always be my one and only love. 

8. To have a crush on someone – an informal idiomatic expression that describes young romantic infatuation
Ex. Sally has had a crush on James since they were at university together. He doesn’t realise this. 

9. To fancy someone (British English) – to find someone very attractivE
Ex. My friend really fancies you

10. To love someone with all of one’s heart and soul – to love someone completely
Ex. John loves Leslie with all his heart and soul

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