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Find out more about St. Davids Day, the national day of Wales

“We need to stop thinking of ourselves as little old Wales.” 

Chris Coleman, Wales football manager 

March 1st is our National Day in Wales. Despite the fact that we don’t have a day off work (I know, what a pity!), it is a great opportunity to learn a little more about our small but very proud nation.

Dydd Gŵyl Sant Hapus! Happy Saint David’s Day! 

Taken from the ‘Celebrate Saint David’s Day Toolkit 2017’ 

St David – who’s he and why is 1st March such a big deal? David, ancient miracle maker (he made the earth rise beneath his feet), epic pilgrim (he went all the way to Jerusalem), and all round good bloke, probably known as ‘Dai’ to his friends. He built a cathedral in west Wales, which is now the smallest city in the UK – St David’s – with a population of fewer than 2,000. Oh, and the Welsh remember him on 1st March. In Wales, we like our history. We like an excuse to dress up. We like to have a special day. And that’s why on 1st March we are unapologetic about the joy we feel when we adorn our heads with leek and daffodil related millinery.

Who was St David exactly?
1. St David’s Day falls on the day that Saint David died in 589 – March 1st.
2. St David comes from a royal lineage. His father, Ceredig ap Cunedda, was prince of Ceredigion and rumour has it that his mother Non, also a saint, was the niece of legendary King Arthur.
3. “Gwnewch y pethau bychain” or “do the little things” is considered St David’s most famous phrase and was one of the last words he spoke before dying.
4. St David’s Day became a national day of celebration in the 18th century.
5. There are many stories of St David’s miracles, including bringing a dead boy back to life and restoring a blind man’s sight.
St. David's Cathedral
6. The shrine of St David at his cathedral – located at St David’s in Pembrokeshire, Britain’s smallest city - was thought of so highly by Pope Callistus II that he stated two pilgrimages to the shrine were worth one to the Vatican in Rome.
7. King Edward I took the head and the arm of St David from the Cathedral after his 1284 conquest in Wales. He displayed the remains along with a number of other holy relics in London
8. His most famous miracle occurred in Llanddewi Brefi, when according to legend a huge crowd turned up to hear one of his sermons. To allow everyone to see him, he placed a handkerchief on the floor and stood on it, when a small hill raised him from under his feet, allowing everyone a good view.
9. St David is typically depicted holding a dove, often standing on a hillock. His symbol is the leek.
10. It is claimed that St David lived for over 100 years.

More about Wales... 
Wales is a bilingual country, which can come as a surprise to our visitors who are often intrigued and fascinated by the Welsh language and its use in everyday communication. From road signs, television and radio, to our schools and everyday chatter on the streets, the Welsh language is very much a part of who we are. We rightly claim that the poetry of our language – one of the oldest languages in Europe, and much more ancient than English – has a strong influence on our food and drink produce, just as it shapes our outlook, politics, culture and sense of place. Using Welsh to sell products – whether in marketing material or on packaging – can add a new and unique dimension and satisfy the consumer looking for a certain sense of identity that will separate your offer from others. And if you’re not a Welsh speaker yourself, fear not, because help is plentiful - from badges that can identify your Welsh speaking staff to assistance with translations and guidance on the use of the language. In fact, we’re so proud of the language and so eager to share it that we even have a Commissioner who can help:

Iechyd da! Cheers! 

Why not celebrate by trying to make some traditional Welsh food? Go to to download a number of traditional Welsh recipes.
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