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Interview with a student: Ayano from Japan

Last week we posted a blog with detailed information about our group and private classes. We gave you some different ideas why you might choose one of these study options, but we do understand that the best way to describe these different types of classes is to give you a real-life experience from one of our students.

This week we bring you an authentic interview with a student from Peartree Languages, Ayano from Japan.

 Hitsujiya Park in Saitama Prefecture
Ayano has been living and studying in Cardiff for several months now. She started group classes at Peartree Languages and as she needed some extra help with very specific English, she decided to take private classes in addition to her weekly timetable.

When we approached her with our idea to write a blog about her experience, she very kindly agreed and with some help from our great Director of Studies, Jon, she helps us to share the experience of private tuition.

What’s your name?
Amazing Japenese crisps that Ayano brought for us

Where do you come from? 
Saitama(next to Tokoyo)Japan

How long have you been studying in Cardiff? 
From November to Spring

What is your English class? 
Mainly private classes

Why did you choose Peartree Languages? 
I searched on the Internet and it had the really good Google review stars from the language schools in Cardiff. It looked like the cosiest.

What are the benefits of taking private classes? 
In the private class, I can talk and ask questions based on my interests so I can enjoy the class.

Do you enjoy being here? 
Yes, because I like walking and there are a lot of nice parks here. The city centre is very compact and easy to move around too.

Do you like Cardiff?
Yes, the atmosphere is very good.

Is Cardiff very different from your country? 
Yes, as there’s no subway and the buses don’t give change but the people are very nice. Everyone says hello and thank you.

Do you think you have made a lot of progress in English since you have been here? 
Coming here, I feel more that it’s hard to study another language. I still want to improve my listening and speaking - it’s hard to understand sometimes. I’m becoming more comfortable living here and getting to know and communicate with native speakers now, though.

Is that what you expected? 
No! I was quite surprised.

Why do you want to improve your English? 
In the future, I want to collaborate with foreign artists and citizens on drama projects.

In case you missed our last week blog post, you can find it here:

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