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Group or private classes? Why not take both?

Flexible. Affordable. Accredited. 
These are three of our main objectives at Peartree Languages, where we deliver language courses accredited by the British Council, to a very high standard, at good prices and even let you choose the number of days you attend!

As one of the most important features of our services is flexibility and trying to help our students with their inquiries as best as we can, the school offers a wide range of English courses to meet all learning objectives.

Our students can study English and join our group classes from the Elementary level up to Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level. They can find classes for General English or preparation for one of the Cambridge exams or even for IELTS or SELT exams.

Even though we are able to offer a variety of study options, not everybody finds it easy to attend group classes for a range of reasons such as working schedule, limited time for studies or a specific English language objective that cannot be taught in a group class. But even obstacles like these, are not something that we can’t manage and we have a solution - Private classes! 

Private classes are classes on a one-to-one basis, which means that the class consists of one of our tutors and the student only.

The student can start the classes at any time, however, we would require a short time period to check the availability of the tutor first and decide on the most suitable program of studies. Private classes can take place in our school or in a location convenient to our student, for example at home or workplace in the Cardiff area.

The student’s course and the number of hours will be based on student’s personal objectives and a scheme of work will be written by the Director of Studies following the initial assessment and will be reviewed regularly to ensure the student is meeting their own goals.

We run private classes for a range of reasons such as for students who need a specific score in IELTS, business English, conversation only, pronunciation, to practice a section of an exam or for individual objectives, like creative writing or proof reading.

We do understand that the price for private classes is slightly different from the prices for group classes, but as we always point out we estimate that one private class is an approximate equivalent to five hours in a group. Also, the teacher’s attention is focused only on one student and particular aspects of English that the student needs to improve.

To take private classes at Peartree Languages is a great option, but there is one dimension that the student might miss and that is the possibility to find new friends. But, don’t worry! We can arrange your private classes to start and end at the same time as the group classes (depending on availability) so that students can enjoy the same break times and make friends in the common areas of the school. Private students can also attend our coffee/lunch meetings and have full inclusion in any social programme. 

So, group or private class? We look forward to seeing you soon.

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