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Breaking news: Canton is cool! Cardiff is top three!

Why Peartree? Why Canton? Why Cardiff?

Peartree Languages, a language school with more than 10 years experience teaching 1000s of students is located at one of the twenty coolest suburbs of a city in the U.K. 

Peartree is located in Canton, voted this week as one of the 20 twenty coolest (that ‘great’ not ‘cold’ by the way!) suburbs of a city in the U.K.  in TravelSupermarket’s UK Hip Hang-out Neighbourhood Index.

These Welsh city suburbs have just been named in the UK's 20 hippest places

And, Canton is located in Cardiff, voted this week third best capital in Europe by the European Union! Why would you choose any other destination or school?

Cardiff Crowned Third Best Capital City in Europe

Cardiff ranked 'third best' capital city in Europe

We offer flexible, accredited and affordable language courses in a prime destination. We have a dynamic and passionate approach to learning, we believe in teaching you the language you need and we listen and adapt to your objectives lesson by lesson. Our teachers are chosen carefully according to their personal teaching approach.

No escape from the popularity of Cardiff! 
If you need us, we are here! Our time is free for our students. And, if you still need to know why you should choose Peartree Languages, Canton, Cardiff for your language course, then why not read our Google Reviews, join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for plenty of student photos, testimonials and information?

Also, did I mention that we are really nice people?

See you soon!

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Peartree Languages is a language school located in Cardiff.


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