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Phrasal verbs: If you didn't show up check what you missed!

Last week, in English for Lunch, we continued our series of lessons on phrasal verbs (or multiword verbs). We had seen that a nice way to remember them is to either think about the verb or a common preposition that follows them (like 'off', for example).

We created a pool of verbs that are commonly used in phrasal verb constructions and the prepositions that normally follow them.

Some of the verbs are: 
put    get     take    break
set     come pick    show
look  turn   keep

While the prepositions are: 
on    up    down    off     to
across    at    by    after for

How many phrasal verbs can you come up with? Can you find a synonym to remember them? Don't forget to look it up in a dictionary and join us this Thursday to learn more about phrasal verbs!

See you then!
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