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Expand your vocabulary in our English for Lunch

In our new series of English for Lunch lessons, we had previously seen how to expand our vocabulary using common suffixes to change nouns into adjectives (such as respectful, hopeless, rainy, momentary...).

Therefore, last week, we carried on working with these word families, now paying special attention to suffixes used to change verbs into adjectives.

They are: 

-able/-ible --> respectable (lit. someone or something that is able to be respected); doable (something that can be done);

-ive --> active (lit. Someone or something with the disposition or function to act); creative (someone with the disposition or function to create).

-ent/-ant --> different (something or someone that differs); dependent (something or someone that depends on sth/smo else).

And, of course, -ing and -ed (like in tiring and tired).

With the help of a dictionary, how many adjectives can you form from the following verbs?


Check for answers in our next blog post and join us this Thursday for more work on suffixes!

See you! :)
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