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Build-A-Word with suffixes

In today's English for Lunch class, we had our second lesson on suffixes.
In the last one, we had been talking about noun to adjective suffixes.
Though today, we took a closer look at suffixes which turn verbs into adjectives.
Which meaning does which suffix give to a word?

A good example is the suffix -able:

to do --> doable
to respect --> respectable
to break --> breakable
and so on!

Do you need example sentences?
We got you:

1. Do you think the workload is doable in one week?
2. Mrs. Miller has been one of the most respectable member's of our society.
3. They said the new person would be very likable.

There are many more suffixes like this: -able/ible; -ive; -ent/-ant

To get the hang of it, our students formed new words using this technique. Not all verbs can be turned into an adjective like that though.

If you have problems finding out whether a word is real and in use or not, you can use online tools to look them up quickly.
The best one so far is
You can enter the word you are looking for and the site will give you information on it like meaning, a list of synonyms (very useful for writers), antonyms and frequency of use.

Try it out with words like:
- preferable
- manageable
- inventive
- dependent
- respective

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