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Give me a 'get' for 200! It is phrasal verbs jeopardy!

Are you a fan of TV game shows? Last week, in English for Lunch, our students revised and learned some phrasal verbs playing against each other in a game of jeopardy.

Jeopardy has been a very popular game show since 1964. Contestants are given an answer and need to reply by asking the right questions. For example, if given the cue "Cardiff", they should say "What's the capital of Wales?".

Our students were given the meaning of some phrasal verbs and had to find out which they were and use them in a sentence.

For 200 points, this phrasal verb means "To be careful".

The answer would be: "What's the meaning of 'look out?!?"

What about you? Can you guess which phrasal verbs have the following meanings?

A. To postpone with 'put' - 100
B. To tolerate with 'put' - 200
C. To end a relationship with 'break' - 300
D. To look like a family member with 'take' - 400
E. To revise with 'go' - 500

Tell us how many points you made! Learning English can certainly be fun.

Resources used from:

A. put off
B. put up with
C. break up
D. take after
E. go over
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