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Saint David’s Day, March 1st

The 1st of March is Saint David’s Day, the national Saint Day of Wales! If you have ever wondered why so many places are named ‘Saint David’ in Wales, now you know why!

There are many myths, legends and traditions that surround Saint David and this day. You will see lots of people in the street wearing a yellow flower (daffodil), which is the symbol of Wales, or another one of our symbols, the Welsh leek. These will also be familiar to you from rugby matches when people often place a large daffodil on their heads in support of the Welsh team.

You might want to try eating some Welsh cakes (we will have a few at school to taste), or even some cockles or lava bread with lamb ‘cawl’, our delicious, traditional soup. Children at school will wear our traditional costume, sing Welsh songs and maybe even recite some poetry. For adults, there is no time off, but it’s definitely a day to remember being Welsh and all the wonderful things that we have in Wales to celebrate.

If you would like to know more about Saint David, then follow this link to read a short article about his most famous, greatest hits!

St David the patron saint of Wales: five things you need to know

I would like to leave you with a clip of one of my favourite bands, Catatonia, singing one of the best songs of all time, ‘International Velvet’, half in Welsh and half in English with the very famous lyric, “every day, when I wake up, I thank the Lord I’m Welsh”! CYMRU AM BYTH!

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