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Let's agree to disagree!

What if you were on a nice cruise in the South Pacific, but suddenly your ship started to sink?

What if you could only take a few selected items on a lifeboat and only had some minutes to make your decision?

Last Thursday in English for Lunch, our students had to give their opinion, agree and disagree to decide which 5 objects of a list were essential to take to a deserted island.

Was a parachute going to be helpful? Did they need a compass? What about a first aid kit?

I agree 100%. These were tough questions. Find below some expressions we use when we agree or disagree with someone.

Showing agreement: 
You can say that again!
I totally agree!
You're absolutely right!

Showing disagreement: 
I wouldn't go that far.
You may have a point there, but...
I'm not sure about that.
With all due respect, I think...

Don't miss our next session this Thursday at 12:30 pm. We're going to practise speaking and the words used to connect different parts of a story. See you soon! =)

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