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Tackling the tricky English pronunciation in our English for Lunch

Last week in English for Lunch we tackled tricky pronunciation.

We looked at two sounds: /ɪ/ (sit) and /i:/ (seat). These two sounds often get confused or mispronounced! So we had a fun and very noisy lesson working with these.

Can you hear and pronounce the following words correctly? Try it out!
Sit x seat
hit x heat
live x leave
pitch x peach
it x eat
itch x eat

Can you find more words with these sounds in them? To hear how they should sound you can use this:

Have fun with it, and good luck!

Thanks, Uschi!

Next Thursday, we're going to see what to say when giving your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing with someone! I strongly believe you shouldn't miss it!
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