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What's the buzz?

(Can you guess what the missing words are?)

I absolutely love spending the night in the countryside. It's a good break from all the __________ engines and ___________ sirens we get when living in the city. I enjoy lying in my bed and listening to the ___________ of the crickets, the ______________ of an owl, __________ frogs, the _____________ of the leaves shaken by the wind and the cozy ____________ of a fire (Even if we get annoyed by the ________ of a mosquito or two).

Last week, at English for Lunch, we talked about words to describe sounds in English! With the help of the poem "The Sound Collector" by Roger McGough, we could practice words to describe these everyday sounds we hear ('The whistling of the kettle / the turning of the lock`). Not only do these words give an extra layer to our stories, but we could also use the poem to further practise English rhythm!

Take the chance to listen to Roger McGough reading his poem, practise the rhythm and try to find out more words for sounds:

What about you? What are your favourite sounds?

Answer key: 1. revving 2. wailing 3. chirping 4. hooting 5. croaking 6. rustling 7. crackling 8. buzzing

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