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Are you interested in hosting international students?

Do you enjoy meeting new people or having guests and students of different nationalities and cultural background? Do you have a spare room in your household and would like to earn some extra income? If you answered yes, please, keep reading as we have a perfect opportunity for you.

Peartree Languages, is a private language school that offers English courses for short-term (up to 3 weeks) or long-term (up to 5 months) international students from European countries, countries in the Middle East, Asia, South America and others. All students are coming to Cardiff to study the English language, are aged between 13 and 17 years, (‘Junior students’) and over 18, ‘adult students’. Our school welcomes students throughout the whole year.

Why host with Peartree? 

We know that there is more than one option for letting out your spare room, so here are five reasons why we think you should choose Peartree hosting services! 

Five reasons you should host for Peartree! 
1. We pay a very competitive rate 
2. We have a ‘shop’ style office in Canton, with free parking, so you can always pop in, have a coffee and talk to us, face to face, if you have any questions or concerns 
3. You have a named point of contact at the school 
4. We are one of the longest established language schools in Cardiff, fully-accredited and compliant, so you can be sure that you are hosting for a reputable company 
5. There is no listing or advertising to do or maintain on your side, you can leave all the setting up to us!  

We are looking for new hosts in the Cardiff and Penarth area who would happily offer their spare rooms as potential accommodation for our students. Being a host is a great way to learn about different cultures and languages. If you have children, it can be the ideal environment to introduce them to people from other countries who often speak another language. In many cases, both you and your guest develop a strong relationship and it’s as if there's a new family member. 

What is involved in the hosting of foreign students? 

Your student needs their own room to sleep and relax. Most students spend their day out of the home, either in classes or on excursions, so a quiet place for them to lay their head at the end of the day is important. As the school is accredited by the British Council, we have included some of their regulations that the host should follow. 
The following must be made available to students to ensure a comfortable living environment throughout their stay: 
■ a bedroom and common areas in a proper state of cleanliness and repair 
■ adequate heating and lighting 
■ a sufficiently spacious bedroom with natural light, equipped with an adequately sized bed and adequate hanging and drawer space for clothes 
■ privacy from members of the opposite sex 
■ a table for private study (where appropriate) 
■ sufficient washing facilities and access to a bathroom, with baths or showers available daily 
■ a change of towels and bed linen each week and an adequate supply of duvets or blankets 
■ a weekly laundry service (especially in the case of under 16s) or clearly explained laundry arrangements. 

For students under 18 or (junior students), please don’t forget the following regulations: 
- Please, keep in mind that the maximum number of students per room is two and they need to have their own bed. 
- We can place three students in one room if it is specifically requested in writing by the students, their agents, their parents or legal guardians; 
- You can’t place students of opposite gender into the same room;
- The daily timetable for our under 18s students starts at 9am and the curfew for them is at 6:30pm; - Every member of household aged 18 or over needs to be DBS checked and the school will help you with this requirement; 
- You need to obtain a certificate at Level 1 Safeguarding. The course for obtaining this certificate is completely free and it is available online. You can access it here: 

Normally, we offer two types of accommodation for our adult students. One is room only, what means that the student would provide their own food and would cook for themselves, using your kitchen utensils. The second options is to offer them a room with half-board (breakfast and dinner) included. Our junior students would need to have a room with full-board having their breakfast and dinner at home and a packed lunch to take to the school. 

Karolina and Gavin with their student Lucrezia from Italy
Your guest will appreciate any helpful advice or tips about the local area that you can offer, such as transport options or where to find the nearest doctor. This local information is so important for anyone who is living away from home. 

For students, a homestay with a local host family is the ideal environment to practice speaking another language and learn local colloquialisms. They can also enjoy being part of a local family in their home rather than staying with strangers in a hostel or alone in a hotel room. 

Hosting students provides more than just additional income. Many hosts and guests develop life-long friendships, keeping in touch long after their stay. 

If you are interested in hosting our students and would like to have more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us on 02920 342 067 or our email

Speak to you soon!

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Peartree Languages is a language school located in Cardiff.


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