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Do you want to improve your English? Try telling jokes

People love telling and listening to stories. No wonder we spend hours watching films, reading books and telling each other about our life experiences. Storytelling is a wonderful way for us to get to know each other and make new friends.

Also, we love a good laugh! Telling funny stories, or jokes, can be an excellent way for you to practise the language. We need to have the right rhythm, pronounce words in a clear way, pause the story when necessary, so we get the expected reaction when that great punchline comes!

Last week, in English for Lunch, our students practised telling jokes. One of them made me laugh my head off!

Two ladies are talking about their children. One of them, a very proud mum, says: 'I have the perfect son!'. The other one, really curious, asks: 'Does he drink?'. 'Of course he doesn't', replied the proud mum'. 'Does he smoke?', asks the other lady. 'No, he doesn't!', says the mum. 'Does he ever arrive home late?', asks the lady in disbelief. 'Never!', says the mum proudly. 'You DO have the perfect son!', says the lady. 'How old is he?'
'He's six months old!', the mum says.

What about you? Have you got any funny stories to tell us? Let us know next Thursday in our English for Lunch.

Next Thursday, by the way, we are going back to English pronunciation (and how some words are pronounced in a completely different way than how we write it). Come join us!

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