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"WeakVocabulary" app, the best way to learn new vocabulary

This week we asked one of our students, Pere Carretero, about a new vocabulary app he has developed. Read the interview and check out his app “WeakVocabulary”

Hi Pere, tell us a little bit about yourself first. 

I am from Menorca, in Spain. I moved to Cardiff on the 31st of July last year to improve my English skills and find a good job in the IT sector. I also fancied traveling and discovering a new country. Since I arrived in Cardiff, I have been studying at Peartree, where I have received some knowledge on speaking English.

Why did you choose the name and the logo? 

After a few months studying English I had a lot of sheets filled with a lot of new vocabulary that I had written. The problem with that was that I never had time to learn all the words, so I started to think about how to solve this problem. At the same time, I had a lot of spare time and I wanted to improve my Android Software development skills. For this reason I thought that it would be a great idea to develop an Android app.

I chose the name “Weak Vocabulary” as the app helps you to learn the words you struggle with. On the other hand, the logo was a quick design. I needed to create a logo in order to upload the app to Google play. I would like to change the logo and update it in future versions. I am working on it.

How did the app help you and how do you think this can help students? 

Basically, the app is very useful because it implements a small quiz, where we can practice our own words anywhere. It also introduces a new word easily, it is easy to delete words or just unmark them as favourite in order to still have the word, it is not going to appear in the quiz.

Does anyone normally help you and give you feedback? 

Nobody is helping me to develop the app, until now I have just had feedback from a small group of people including Peartree, which was very important for me because they are professionals in this area.

How do you think the app might work in the future? 

I am working to add new functions like words of the week, the daily word and also new pages of quick grammar. I don’t know if the people will accept my app in their phones. The app is completely free and it is made to solve my own problems, but it can be useful for someone else. I am delighted to share it and listen to any new ideas or feedback. 

Thank you very much, Pere. We, at Peartree, think the app is great. What about you? Try his app out and let us know what you think!
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