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Are you a good liar?

Last week, in English for Lunch, our students had the big challenge to find out if their classmates were good liars.

First, students received a piece of paper saying if they had to tell the truth or to lie. After that, they had to tell a story (such as, 'The funniest thing that they had seen' or 'A special trip they had'). Then, the other students would ask questions to check the details of their story. Finally, they had to spot the liar!

However, in order for you to tell a good story, there are some important words that we use to connect its different parts. We call them connectives!

Not only did our students have to spot the liars, but they also had to use the connectives to tell their own stories.

What about you? Do you have a good story to tell us? Can you use connectives confidently when telling a story?

Join us next Thursday to see more examples of connectives and further practise your speaking.

See you soon!
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