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Hello! My name is Barbora and I am a new intern here at Peartree Languages until the middle of December. I am 24 years old and I come from the Czech Republic where I am currently studying my masters at Palacky University in Olomouc.

The capital city which you might have heard of or visited is called Prague, but my hometown is Cheb. The town is situated at the western point of Czechia where the borders of Germany are. It has about 35 thousands inhabitants and great things around worth visiting – for example, the famous “Triangle” of towns which has spas and beautiful natural and historical sights around as well. I did my Bachelor degree in Prague however for my masters I have decided to choose Olomouc which is twice as far as Prague from Cheb. Olomouc is a very beautiful and historical student city area which I like the most. It is smaller and therefore easier to meet and greet people and get around the city faster. So whenever you feel like visiting our small country, don’t get stuck in Prague, visit also other cities, there is so much to see!

I applied for my internship through the Erasmus plus programme. However this is not my first Erasmus experience. During my bachelor studies, I spent two amazing semesters in Cyprus, a country which used to be a British colony. And one could find some similarities between the UK and Cyprus. For example, the wall sockets or driver’s seat and road direction. Moreover, the majority are fluent in English and their accents are very good, many of them also study or have studied in the UK. What I loved about Cyprus was the weather because it's the complete opposite in the UK. In fact, this lovely island has the most days of the sunshine per year in Europe. So anytime I was in need of vitamin sea I could go to the beach, even in winter.

As you have probably found out from this article, travel is my passion. But I don’t want to bore you to death with my stories from different countries and as I don’t like to speak about myself too much as it may seem too boastful, so if you would like to know more about me, come and meet me personally at the Peartree reception desk, ahoj! : )

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