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My experience in Cardiff

My experience in Cardiff could be summarized in a mix of emotions/feelings. The first time I realized I was moving abroad for four months I felt scared. I knew a lot of things were going to change in my life and I couldn’t even think about leaving my family and all my loved ones behind.

Nowadays technology really helps us to keep in touch and to see our families or friends. Even if being in contact is easier thanks to our devices, being miles apart and separated from a computer or a telephone screen, it’s not the same as being together in person. Throughout my experience, I’ve missed all the little things that we usually don’t pay much attention to, like laughing with my friends and family about our inside jokes, the hugs, the smells...But, as I was saying it was a mix of emotions, so along came excitement.

The excitement of what was about to come, all the things I could learn, all the people I could meet, the places I could visit and so on. I was lucky enough to have the possibility to take this chance and to take advantage of this rare opportunity. A positive attitude is key when moving abroad, it helps you to be open towards what’s coming next and to overcome that initial fear I was talking about. Experiencing life in a different culture always has its good sides and downsides, but trying to be focused and facing things positively can really make a difference.

During my time in Cardiff I’ve lived treasurable moments, that made me feel really happy and grateful. The city is really welcoming and accessible, there are plenty of events to go to during your free time and lots of things to see. It is not as depersonalising as a metropolis and locals are very friendly. But besides this, I have to give credit mostly to the people I’ve met. Working at Peartree Languages, being in contact with a lot of different people from many nationalities has


been intense and fulfilling. Students were not just faces, they were many different and interesting stories. Last but not least, I would like to thank my colleagues at the school for being always very kind to me and inspiring as well, I learnt a great deal from all of you!

At the end of this experience I can say I feel like I have blossomed (did you get the pun with my name?!), I have changed and I have grown in self-confidence, I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t be perfect and that it takes some time to get used to change, but once that you do, you can improve yourself and go back home with a suitcase full of memories.

By our intern: Margherita Tobia (Special agent)
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