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Travel Tips: How to squeeze everything in one luggage?!

Do you love travelling as much as we do? Is your luggage always too small for all the things you really “need” for your journey? Then keep on reading. We’ve got three tricks up our sleeves that guarantee effective packing! 

Packing is like a game of Tetris. If you have never heard of it or just forgot the rules, let us remind you. There are many different shapes falling down and your goal is to arrange them with minimum space in between them in order to win. You can turn them around and move them from right to left and from left to right. If you don’t manage to arrange them well, the space will become full and you loose. It is the same with packing, if you don’t organise your space well, it can be frustrating. In other words, if you use whatever space you have, it’s more than possible, you will fit everything in.

Use Vacuum Bags 

Do you have any large items or clothing like winter jackets, sweaters or jumpers and tracks? Put them in these bags and suck the air out using a hoover. In this way you will fit a lot more clothes in the suitcase. Furthermore, they are also transparent so you can see what’s in there.

Buy only travel size cosmetics

If you are going for a shorter trip, why would you take a huge bottle of suncream when you will use it only few times? Many drug stores nowadays sell huge assortments of mini-cosmetic products that measure only 100 ml or less, like shampoos, toothpastes, shower gels, creams or even make-up removals. If you can’t find miniatures of your favourite product, you can use refillable bottles and just pour it in. You can get those in shops like Primark as a set with sticker-labels in a transparent bag. Advantage of these smalls is that you can take them in your carry-on to the plain.

Save the space 

Taking trainers? Put your socks in them. While putting bigger things in the luggage don’t leave the spaces in between them empty, put smaller items like a swimsuit or fold and roll clothes that don’t crease.

We hope our advices have helped you and from now on your packing routine will be fun! What tips and tricks do you use? Let us know! : )
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