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With students from Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Thailand and Japan it was a multinational lunchtime language session on Thursday 21st September at Peartree!

Here’s what YOU HAVE missed! 

  • How to form the present perfect simple and continuous and the main differences in use between these two confusing little imps! 
  • Using the present perfect to ask and answer questions about your experiences 

BEST SENTENCE: Have you ever tried food from your country in the U.K.? Surprisingly, only our Turkish student has ever done this. All our other students prefer to cook their traditional dishes at home. What about you?
  • Using the present perfect to talk about recent time 
ONE STUDENT SAID: “I’ve just finished studying English this morning.” It was 1pm, is that sentence correct?

  • Using just, already and yet 
  • Some differences between US and UK English when using the present perfect 

Wow, that’s a lot! We also looked at… 

  • Play, Do, Go E.g. go swimming, play tennis, do archery 

AND, we even learned a new expression; ‘to play a trick on someone’. Very useful with Halloween coming up.

So, what’s in store this week in English for Lunch? 

The students have requested (present perfect!)
- Phrasal verbs (that old chestnut)
- Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US? YOU CAN! JUST £5, ALL WELCOME (even if you’re not a registered student). Peartree full-time students attend this class ‘FREEEEEEEEEEE’!

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