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Hello, I am Sana Alahmari from Saudi Arabia. I came to Cardiff in the summer 2015 to improve my English and it was my first exposure to British culture.

Sana at Peartree Languages
Being a girl who was born and raised in a different country without ever having gone abroad before, was quite nerve wracking because it was an unfamiliar culture, I got used to living with all the differences and gradually life got easier. ( it was a piece of cake for me.)

First of all, I will start with the differences in this classroom. Arabic is written right to left while in English it is the opposite direction, left to right. Books written in Arabic with then begin from the right-hand side of the page and not the other way around like in most English books.

The Arabic language does not include any capital letters so when I was a beginner in English I faced problems trying to figure out where to place or write them, especially when I had to write letters. In this reason, I would like to thank all of the teachers for being patient with me.

Secondly, another major difference would be time. In the Middle East sunrise begins at about 5 am and sunset would end at 6 pm, although the days are much longer in the UK and this confused me massively. But nowadays I find it amazing and I enjoy it because once it becomes dark my day ends and I go to sleep immediately.

Thirdly, the public transport. In the UK I can use either the bus, car, bicycle or taxi while in my country using cars is the usual way of travelling. The side of the driver is different as well. In the UK the driver's side is on the right whereas in Saudi Arabia the driver seat is positioned on the left.

Even though you can experience some cultural differences upon arriving in the United Kingdom, I sincerely recommend you to visit this lovely country and meet the people as you will find lots of nationalities here. Cardiff is such a cosmopolitan city and the people here are so friendly and helpful so you would feel very welcomed.
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