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Explore the history of Wales at Saint Fagans Museum

St Fagans is one of Europe's leading open-air museums and Wales's most popular heritage attraction.

The museum is situated in the village of Saint Fagans, on the Ely River - about 20 minutes by car from Cardiff. It is chronicling the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people.

This open-air museum offers to visit some of the old cottages with their straw roofs and white stone and also some farmhouses and barns. In fact, a couple of centuries ago, Welsh people were mostly farmers. If they were not, they would be likely to have shops like the grocery store and the post office.

Saint Fagans also has a school and a church, and there are plenty of workshops led in the Tannery and the Smithy, to discover Wales in 19th century in its entirety. Many people that are working at the museum are originally from Wales and for a true immersion, they talk in Welsh with each other. They can either show you their skills as a blacksmith or tanner.

There are also mills which used to produce wool and corn. Many festivals take place in the village all year to show and learn more about the way Welsh people were living in the 18th and 19th centuries, how their work, how they spent their free time, how they built their houses, how they ate, how they were living, truly!

Along to the village, the Castle of Saint Fagans and its beautiful gardens are here to complete your visit. Built in the 13th century, the medieval castle was destroyed in the middle of the 15th century, just before being rebuilt by a rich aristocratic man who turned it into a Victorian mansion. Saint Fagans will surprise you, will teach you about the Welsh way of life and will make you feel Welsh.

Peartree Languages organizes a trip to St. Fagans! So, if you are free on Tuesday afternoon (15th of August) come with us and explore the history of Welsh culture!

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