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Getting a bit hot under the collar? Take some refreshment at Zero Degrees

Parental Advisory!
This article is probably more for students and friends of Peartree Languages over 18 years old. If our juniors discover this post, they will not find a way of getting into the micro-brewery that I am going to write about. Definitely not! Don’t worry.
Zero Degrees, picture was taken by a student from Peartree Languages, Emma Sabatte

Zero Degrees is one of the best known places in Cardiff for trying proper, sort of, homemade beer with some great food, of course. I don’t mean the home-made part as the beer is made in Wales, this is the proper Welsh place etc. No and no. What I mean is, that the beer is actually made directly there. I am not a beer expert, but I just had to say ‘Wow’ the first time I was there. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Why did I decide to write about this place? Well, let’s say that Peartree Languages is some kind of ally of Zero Degrees.

Zero Degrees offers variety of beer
Last year we were welcomed with our students to watch a great rugby match Wales vs. England in the shadow of the Millennium Stadium. Yes the restaurant is placed just couple of minutes from this legendary place. And I can guarantee that the atmosphere there is just amazing. As we have very good friends in Zero Degrees, we asked for the booking and the staff did their best and found a nice, big table for our students and staff. I can’t forget the great service and the short tour around the brewery, when we learned how the beer is made. The only faulty thing was the result of the match, when Wales lost against England. Well, we can’t have everything, can we?

Our table had the best place, so we could watch the rugby match easily

A couple of weeks ago ZeroDegrees made a little event for small local businesses with Craft Beer tasting and brewery tour and Peartree Languages could not miss such an opportunity to see the brewery again. As our friend Mario, who works there, told me, very soon I will be a beer expert. (I don’t think so, but thank you Mario!). During this event we had the opportunity to try the speciality of the brewery and that is their Mango beer! To be honest, it is one of our favourites here at Peartree Languages (Nicky loves it!). This beer is especially for people who like a sweet version of beer, but it is not a cider exactly. With words of professionals, ‘the malt flavour is hidden with a low hop bitterness to allow the fruit notes to dominate’. Well I am not going to tell you more as you should go there and try it yourself.

So as the summer is somewhere there behind the clouds and we believe that the nice weather will come again, we highly recommend you to take some refreshment at Zero Degrees and try some of their great beers. Even if you are going to plan a party or Christmas dinner for your friends, company or staff, you might also find a great option!

For more information about Zero Degrees visit their Facebook or main website Zero Degrees

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