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My name is Eliska and I will be working in Peartree Languages for almost three months, basically the whole summer. I am 23 years old and I come from a small town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic called Broumov.

Eliska at Peartree Languages

In Broumov I live in a small studio apartment with my turtle. My family lives close by, I have three older brothers, two of them are still studying, even though one of them is studying and currently living in Australia. The second one is planning to move to Canada at the end of this summer. My oldest brother took over a company after his father, it is basically one of the major leading companies exporting candles in the Czech Republic. My father runs a family business of funeral services, where I used to help all the time when needed.

Eliska during her visit in London
I worked in Dublin for 4 months and then went to hitchhike across Catalonia in Spain for couple of weeks, when I decided to study English and Spanish philology back in the Czech Republic. I devoted myself into these two languages and after one year of studying I was accepted to spend one year on Canary Islands, namely on Tenerife, which is the biggest island. As I visited all the islands through and through, I found another of my semi-professional hobbies, the art of photography. I saved money and after a while I bought high-quality camera and step by step learned to pass the beauties of the world on photos. Since then I have organized several photo exhibitions all based on a particular place I visited. I have visited mainly Europe countries so far, a bit of North Africa and Sahara as well. Next academic year I’m planning to have kind of a gap year, basically consisting of several internships and travels around Europe, North and South America, starting here in Cardiff for these three months.

Eliska likes paragliding and she has flying licence too

As for my hobbies, I love travelling and meeting new people around the world. When I was younger, I used to travel with my friends or family, and now I usually travel alone, enjoying the freedom and decisions made only by myself. I have many friends from different corners of the world, therefore I try to visit them during my travel times.I usually combine travelling with hitchhiking, although it is quite a dangerous “sport” for young women. Except for photography, I also like paragliding. I got my flying licence a year ago, and I have been passionate about flying since then. I even flew several times back on Tenerife. Regarding sports, I am a keen hiker and mountain climber, party because of the sandstone rocks I grew up in. Another hobby of mine is reading. I love all kind of books, especially nonfiction books of language and its fields, history, geography and so on. As for fiction, I had to read all kind of American and British beletry for my classes, and after finishing the exams I usually read the books again to actually enjoy them.

Eliska on Tenerife 
From the point of view of my future I would like to dedicate myself to translations, teaching and combine it with social services, therefore I could work for instance in some immigration centres with foreigners. I have been translating for several non-government companies for 3 years and teaching Spanish and English in the local grammar school back in my hometown. When I saw the opportunity to spend three months here in Cardiff, I was obviously very excited and did my best to be able to come. Here I am, and except of improving my English I hope to gain new experience and see the other side of the language agency and even in another country. Maybe even get to know a bit of Wales and the UK. I definitely think I will have a great time here in Peartree languages!
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