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Bianco show, get ready to be amazed!

It was not my first Bianco show, as I saw it last year too. I just couldn't resist going again, especially as one of our students, who is doing an internship for NoFitState, said that the show is even better than before. So I grabbed my housemate and a teacher from Peartree Languages, Uschi, and we went under the Big Top again.

Tereza, Uschi and our Pear at Bianco show
When you cross the invisible line at the main entrance of the tent, you really feel like you have just entered an imaginary world. People, not only members of staff, are wearing funny and unusual clothes, that in a way underline the whole mysterious atmosphere of the space. You give your ticket to a man in a top-hat, and follow someone in stripped leggings and a kilt into the darkness and whispering inside the tent. You do not feel like you came to watch the show, but more like you accidentally disturbed a bunch of artists during their own private performance, you are watching them having fun, but also listening when they are telling their own stories. And this eerie yet magical feeling continues throughout the whole show.

Bianco is for me like a mood swing. The audience's mood changes constantly; from laughing at the artists, when they visit  the "cinema" made from scaffolding, watching some imaginary horror movie or when they take us to the seaside, diving and jumping into the waves of a trampoline, to sudden gasps as the performers drop, spin and leap in unpredictable movements from their ropes or trapezes. Although the whole space is incredibly safe and all members are checking it to the highest level and with great organization, the artists are not always secure. It's this element of danger that makes the experience so exciting. 

Visually, Bianco is one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen. The female acrobats often wear flowing skirts which cascade around them when they are hurled through the air. It often felt like you were watching birds circulating above. And the moment (which I'm sure you've all seen from the posters) when rose petals fall down onto the performers, is spectacular. Every single movement of the artist is highlighted by a game of lights and music. The show is accompanied by a live band and its music will give you goosebumps, as you will get lost in time, in this incredible space, when you suddenly become an invisible part.  

I can say with confidence, that this was not my last Bianco show and if it comes next year again, I will be definitely there. We highly recommend seeing it before the circus runs away (maybe we'll join them!)

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