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Cardiff Bay through the eyes of our Juniors

As part of our fantastic Junior Summer 2015 we asked students to write blog posts. Our teachers chose their ten favourite articles and the winning students were awarded a special prize. Today we are publishing the first of our Junior posts, it comes from Davide (Italy), we hope you enjoy this and the many more to follow!

Davide Stramare, one of our Junior students, wrote an amazing article as a part of his lessons about Cardiff Bay, where he lived with his host family, and about The Welsh Senedd. Enjoy!

Let me take a selfie! Davide (front, left) outside the Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay with his quiz team mates from Russia, Italy and Spain. 
I am Davide a 17 year old student who is in Cardiff to study and improve my English. My host family's house is in Cardiff Bay, it is a lovely place. In the past, in Cardiff Bay, there were docks and it wasn't very lively. Now it is a modern and regenerated area of the city so you can't miss it!

Here you can visit the Wales Millennium Centre and lots of beautiful skyscrapers. In the Bay you can also find lots of shops, pubs, restaurants and supermarkets. You should also walk around the Bay on an amazing path.

On Monday we visited the Welsh Senedd. In 1997 there was a referendum to ask the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish, if they wanted to have their own parliament and they voted 'yes'.

Students during the tour in the Welsh Assembly

After that the Welsh started to build their own Senedd in Cardiff Bay, it is a modern and open build all made of glass and wood. The focal point of the design is built around the remains of a tree which is an important part of the Welsh culture.

It was a tradition they used to meet under the trees, where they sat for many hours having long discussions or debates.

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