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My week at Peartree Languages in Cardiff

Charlotte Parry, 17
Year 12 Work Experience
Treorchy Comprehensive School
Studying French, Spanish, History, English AS

I chose to come to Peartree Languages for my work experience placement because I’m massively interested in studying languages and talking with native speakers, as I hope to obtain a Joint Honours Language Degree in French and Spanish in the future. 

Treorchy Comprehensive School, Wales

I believed that coming here would intensely improve my social skills and help with my own ability at the languages mentioned previously. However, I’ve achieved that and more by attending this placement; I have a greater knowledge and understanding of not only my own language, but the culture and customs of other nationalities by socialising with students my age and older from all over the world. 
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Through the past week I have helped organise documents for the company, special events and excursions for the students, and talked with a wide variety of people who are themselves learning my language, as I hope to learn theirs also. 

The chance to come to the school has given me many amazing opportunities for verbal practice with the friends I have made. I’ve hugely enjoyed my time here and I will miss many of the people I have met, I hope to return at a later date if possible. Would rate 10/10.
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About Peartree Languages

Peartree Languages is a language school located in Cardiff.


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