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“Rain rain go away, come again another day”

The last few weeks has seen a lot of rain in Wales, the wettest since 2012 in fact. For our summer students it has been a shock! Even for us, and we are quite used to it, it’s been unusual for the time of year. Still, let’s stay positive, as one of our students from Thailand said today “I’ve seen three seasons in one day!”, now that’s a special feature of a summer school in the U.K.!

So, all this rain reminded me of a good article I read on the BBC recently that talks about rain begin part of the British character. Also, it gives us the chance to share lots of great vocabulary and expressions related to the weather. Take a look.

Why not try these expressions for ‘it’s raining’...

It’s tipping down

It’s pelting down

It’s raining cats and dogs

It’s raining stair-rods

It’s raining chair-legs

It’s chucking it down

Or, try these synonyms for rain…

  • Significant moisture (heavy rain)

  • Deluge (heavy rain)

  • Downpour (heavy rain)

  • Shower (light rain)

  • Drizzle (light rain)

As the man from the BBC concludes, “If the Inuit apocryphally have 50 words for snow, why don't British people have 50 words for rain... or at least more words than the few they normally employ?”

Well, I haven’t given you 50 words, but at least now you have a few more ways to describe our beautiful British summer! Grab an umbrella, put on your rain coat and splash around in the puddles. Let’s hope it brightens up soon. Happy end of July everyone!

'It is raining cats and dogs
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