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Time to turn your English around! It's English for Lunch!

Last week, in English for lunch, our students were asking about a common problem students face when learning English: the dreaded phrasal verbs!

Feeling cold Maybe you should TURN the heating ON!
These are verbs that have a new meaning when followed by a preposition (and we seem to use them all the time!). We focussed on one verb that is commonly used with this structure: TURN. And it turned out great!

Take a look at some prepositions we frequently use with phrasal verb constructions: down, up, off, on, out, in, into.

1. He turned himself ___ to the police. (surrender)
2. I thought the party was going to be boring, but it turned _____ to be great. (end up)
3. Could you please turn _____ the TV? I can't hear it. (make it louder)
4. Speaking about football on a first date really turns me _____. (makes me not interested)
5. The wizard turned ______ a crow and flew away. (transform)
6. Can you turn the heating ___? It's quite cold in here. (switch it on)
7. Not many people turned _____ to the lesson after the snow. (arrive)
8. He turned the offer ______ despite the good salary. (refuse)

There are, of course, many other phrasal verbs with 'turn'. Can you think of any other?

Make a list of the ones you learn, find synonyms and use them in a sentence. Show us what you came up with this Thursday at English for Lunch!

Answers: 1. in; 2. out; 3. up; 4. off; 5. into; 6. on; 7. up; 8. down.
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