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Time to cheer, time to share

Would you like to try different food specialities on the same day? Even better, during the same meal! I can imagine some puzzled faces. Don’t worry, we can make it possible! Join us on Thursday, November 29, and discover what kind of meals our students will bring. Treat yourself to something new!

The concept is simple: each person brings their own dish and a drink to share. It can be a food speciality from their country or a meal they like to cook (Why not trying a Welsh recipe?). The idea is to share with all people at school and spend a good time together to celebrate the end of the year.

Not only is it the occasion to have lunch together, it is also a way to get to know each other and learn about a specific country and its food habits. It is a great opportunity to speak English so you improve your skills while enjoying good food. Definitely the best way to do it!

Also, ask your classmates how to cook these recipes, which could be an excellent way to impress your family and friends when you go back home.

Don’t forget, join us at Peartree Languages on the 29th of November at 12:30 pm!

So, get on board and enjoy it!

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Peartree Languages is a language school located in Cardiff.


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