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Last week, in English for Lunch, we got back to those dreaded phrasal verbs. And, guess what? We had a look at possible constructions with the verb ‘get’.

The verb ‘get’ on its own already has many different meanings:

1. I got to work at 5. (get = arrive)
2. I didn’t get what you said. (get = understand)
3. I got 10 pounds for cleaning my neighbour’s garden! (get = earn)
4. He got really angry at me. (get = become)

Together with phrasal verb constructions, it has nearly 300 different dictionary definitions!

Here’s a list of some common ones, but there seems to be a problem. I think we got them mixed up! Could you try to put them back in the correct sentence?

1. How could he get off on 2 pounds a day?
2. The cat chased the mouse, but it managed to get across.
3. They tried to get their point over, but people wouldn’t listen.
4. He got on with the room in a hurry.
5. I don’t really get by Pedro. We are just too different.
6. They got out of the bus at the last stop.
7. Have you got off your flu yet?

What a mess! Hope we can get someone to help us soon. Please let us know if you can fix it this Thursday at English for Lunch.

Answers: 1. get by; 2. get away; 3. get across; 4. get out of; 5. get on with; 6. get off; 7. get over.
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