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Last week, in English for Lunch, we continued working on common collocations found in the English language!
We had already seen prepositions that normally follow adjectives (as it is something extremely important to be aware of). This time we had a look at usual verb + preposition collocations!

Most importantly, we would like to say that at Peartree Languages:
1. We want you to succeed ____ achieving your goals.
2. Our students greatly benefit ______ our communicative approach.
3. We focus ____ pronunciation work.
4. We certainly care ____ our students' development.
5. We count ___ you to join us this Thursday for English for Lunch.

(Can you fill the gaps above with the correct prepositions?)

See you then!

Answers: 1. in; 2. from; 3. on; 4. for; 5. on.
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Peartree Languages is a language school located in Cardiff.


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