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Don't worry about your English anymore! Come join us to see some common collocations.

Last week, in English for Lunch, we started a new series of lessons on collocations!

Collocations are a combination of words that frequently go together in a language (more than just by chance). For example, when you go to a pub you may order fish and chips, but not chips and fish, or fish and fries. They're what native speakers would say sound more natural in English.

We started with prepositions that commonly collocate with adjectives.

Have a look at the sentences below and see if you can correct these common mistakes students make. Check the answers below!

1. I'm really interested about languages.
2. John's really good in playing the guitar.
3. She's afraid from spiders.
4. His parents are worried of his behaviour.
5. Martha is really fond in her son.
6. He is accustomed of being on his own.

Join us this Thursday to learn more about collocations!

See you then!

Answers: 1. interested in; 2. good at; 3. afraid of; 4. worried about; 5. fond of; 6. accustomed to. 
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