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Forming new words

Last week, in English for Lunch, we finished our series of lessons on how suffixes can be used to change a word class. We had seen how to use them to form adjectives, adverbs and nouns, and, finally, this time we checked common suffixes used to form verbs!

Take a look at the sentences below and see how many verb suffixes you can identify.

1. We have to ___________ a Halloween party (organisation).
2. This special moisturiser will __________ your skin (soft).
3. The police have __________ the suspects (identity).
4. She was visibly _____________ after the joke (irritation).
5. Social networks ___________ the sense of underachievement (height).

Have you found the following suffixes? How many other verbs can you form using them?

-ise (-ize)




Let us know and join us next Thursday at 12.30pm!

See you then!

Answers: 1. organise 2. soften 3. identified 4. irritated 5. heighten.

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