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12 DAYS OF CANTON Day five - Fair Do’s

In the build up to our Christmas Party we are celebrating friends and neighbours by featuring a local or partner business on our blog. We feel privileged to be part of such a vibrant community made up of generous, hard-working and friendly people. This Christmas remember to #shoplocal and the best chance to do so is on Thursday 7th December from 5pm during “Christmas lights” event which takes place on Lower Llandaff Road. Today, we will introduce you to a great shop where you can not only buy a wide range of wonderful products from around the world, but also help the people who made them receive fair payment for their work. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

This year, it is not us, the Peartree team, interviewing the local businesses but our students who are doing so! For this interview, Fahd from Saudi Arabia had the chance to meet someone who runs a local business and work on his listening and speaking skills in a real-life situation. If you want to participate as well, please speak to Barbora or Tereza.

What is your name and what is the name of your shop / business? 

My name’s Jan Tucker - the shop is called ‘Fair Do’s’ in English and ‘Siopa Teg’ in Welsh.

When did you first open? 

We opened 19 years ago, so a long time.

What do you do here? / What type of items do you sell? Why? 

We are a fair trade business and we buy a wide range of products, such as food and clothes, from poor communities in the world and we sell them for a fair price. We also educate local people about Fair Trade. Many people know about Fair Trade from buying coffee and things in supermarkets but they don’t know we sell lots of other things as well.

Why did you decide to open in Canton, Cardiff? 

We didn’t think about Canton at first but a person we knew already had this shop and wanted someone to take over the building because they were leaving. So we had a look and liked it, also because it has a big space with access at the back of the building.

Fahd asked: Do you think this business is going to develop or reduce in size in the future? 

Unfortunately, sales have gone down recently for economic and political reasons because people are a bit uncertain about the future at the moment, due to Brexit and other things. So, it is difficult for us like it is for many small businesses but we’re very passionate so we want to keep going and we work hard. We’d like to carry on and celebrate being here for twenty years.

If you buy a raffle ticket, you can be the lucky one who will win loads of great prizes from other businesses in Canton.

Contact details 
Phone: 02920 222 066
Address: 10 Llandaff Rd, Cardiff CF11 9NJ

Do you want to win a special prize donated by Jan and The Fair Do's?? Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets!

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