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The Importance of Proper Pronunciation in English

Many of our new students say during their initial assessment test meeting that they want to improve particularly their grammar, tenses, listening or understanding, but sometimes they forget how important pronunciation is in the whole process of learning English.

Join us for our new pronunciation classes every Tuesday at 12:30pm

We are not claiming that rich vocabulary or the knowledge of grammar rules is not essential for being capable of clear communication in English, but I think that you will agree with me when I say that the knowledge of language structure and material definitely cannot be applied to all situations.

To be completely honest with you I will never forget when I had a confused conversation with my host mother a couple of years ago when I first moved to Cardiff about a cat from next door. Just to guess what animal I was talking about took us a couple of minutes because the lady had no idea that I was trying to say 'cat', untill made a "miau" sound!

The pronunciation board

Being able to properly pronounce words and understand other speakers can be of critical importance in certain situations and let's be honest, good pronunciation can contribute a lot to leaving a good first impression.

One of the most important tasks in learning English for a non-native English speakers is losing the accent of their mother tongues and practising correct and authentic English pronunciation.
Learning phonics can be great help with this – listening to the sounds and practising through constant repetitions can be immensely beneficial.


Proper pronunciation can be defined as a reproduction of language sounds in such a way that the intended message is passed easily, and is properly understood by a fluent speaker of the language in question.

Bad pronunciation can result in a failure to convey the message and can cause troubles in communication when they are least expected and welcome even among native speakers.

Pronunciation class at Peartree

I think many of us "learners of English" have found themselves in a situation where the pronunciation caused several misunderstandings either in professional or personal life. As we try to help you to improve every aspect of English we have started a special class dedicated to the pronunciation only. Every Tuesday from 12:30pm you can join one of our senior teachers and spend a whole hour improving your pronunciation - one sound per week!

The price of the class is £7 and you can pay directly on the day, so you do not need to notify us before.

Come and join us!

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