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Spring has sprung! Let's go explore Wales!!

As the clocks go forward, it heralds the start of a new season ­ - Spring!

The natural world slowly reawakens after a period of dormancy, and fresh green shoots herald what is to come. Insects appear from who ­knows ­where and begin their search for nectar, and hedgerows are filled with nesting activity from native birds such as house sparrows and blackbirds. With longer days and more hours of sunshine, it's time to get outdoors and shake off the lethargy of winter.

Another sign of spring is the cherry blossom which fleetingly covers fruit trees and then showers its delicate petals like snow on the ground beneath. What an amazing sight it is when bumble bees drone in the garden, a pair of peacock butterflies circle one another in a delicate courtship, against a background of white blossom and clear blue skies.

And then there is the delightful, half-­forgotten sensation of warm sun on bare skin.

Roadside verges suddenly become a carpet of gold and chalky yellow as lesser celandine and primrose burst into flower. Further afield cuckoos begin their astonishing journey north, coming back to us all the way from deep within African rainforest where they have spent the winter. Birds return from their journey.

Get up at first light to catch the first tentative calls, then, as the sky brightens, more and more birds join in, building to a mighty crescendo. It really is one of life’s great experiences. Additionally, around eight million seabirds come to our shores to breed in spring. It’s one of the greatest wildlife gatherings on earth and it happens right here on our doorstep. The sight, the sound (the smell!) of a huge sea bird colony is something everyone should experience.

Around 250,000 seabirds nest on the cliffs on Skomer Island in Wales. Skomer is most famous for its Puffins, and together with neighbouring Skokholm Island forms the largest breeding Puffin colony in Southern Britain.

Dolphins are easy to find as they are inquisitive and usually come to find you. Pods of up to 500 are very common and when they choose to follow your boat, they can be only a few inches away from you. WOW!

Also, hundreds of common and bottle nose dolphin sightings, including minke whales, sei whales, fin whales, dolphins, orca whales, rissos dolphins and basking sharks can be seen on the Welsh coast of Pembrokeshire. Spring has sprung; it's time to get out there and celebrate!
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