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Thamir AlSubaiey. A Peartree legend!

Thamir studied at Peartree Languages for more than one and half years and became more of a friend to us than just a student. We remember his first day very well as he had arrived at Peartree on a very rainy Friday afternoon in October 2014 and shortly after the arrival he went with Nicky and two other students for dinner at Shaam Nights restaurant, his first restaurant in the United Kingdom. During Thamir's Peartree period he studied an intensive English course from beginner level. We are very proud to say that during his stay he took an IELTS exam and also the PET Cambridge exam. And we were also delighted to teach Thamir's wife, Norah, as well.
Saying 'good bye' to Thamir and his family was very sad and it is unusual not to see him in the school every day. We will never forget the fresh dates from his farm in Saudi Arabia that he had picked and brought to school or the delicious meals that he made for us. And more than anything else, we will never forget the wonderful travelling Pear on the camel photos!

We hope that we will see Thamir again, if not in Cardiff maybe in Saudi Arabia.

As Thamir likes writing and poetry we asked him to write an article about his stay in Cardiff and Peartree.

Thamir's blog post:

Going back to my first week... 

Thamir's leaving gift, a memento about his stay at Peartree Languages

It was October 2014 when I moved to Cardiff, a Friday evening. I met Nicky and we went to Sharm Nights restaurant. After that she took me to my first host, Kim, who lived with Franco from Italy.

Thamir's first house mate Franco 

Everything that was happening was new for me. I only understood a little bit but step by step my English got better.

Thamir and Nicky on Thamir's last day

Thamir with his certificates

My second host, Helen, was fantastic because I could speak with her. We spent a lot of time talking together in English. 

If you have a similar school as mine you are lucky. It was a good thing I had them. When you want to study you should look for a good school and good teachers to improve your second language.

Thamir's leaving evening with part of the Peartree Family

I remember that my first lesson with Dan was about 'family'. He taught me how to describe my family. Maybe if you asked me about last week's lessons I couldn't remember but I especially remember that first lesson.

Thamir and Dan
If you put all of this together with an ambition to learn English you will be successful. 

Thamir on his last evening, back at the beginning but with the goal achieved, outside Shaam Nights.

Would you like to learn English like Thamir? We have the perfect school for you! Come and join the Peartree family.

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