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Hello everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Francesca and this is my first week of work here at Peartree Languages!
Francesca will welcome students that come to learn the English language and many more languages at Peartree Languages 

I'm Italian, my hometown is a little city called Reggio Emilia -where the delicious Parmesan cheese was born!- and is located near Bologna. This isn't the first time I have travelled abroad for a long period, this time I'm staying here in Cardiff for three months, but I've also lived in Chile for six months.
But it doesn't stop there, I've visited a lot of European countries such as Spain, France and Corsica, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary...if you haven't noticed yet, I love to travel and discover new places and most of all new cultures! That's what I would like to do in life, my main aspiration is to work as an anthropologist and travel the world while I'm learning languages, to finally find where my place is.

Francesca with her friends from Italy all learning English language
I know I'm a free spirit but I'll try my best during this time to and accomplish my duties as best as possible. Here in Cardiff I've got a big opportunity to improve my English and learn new things, I've been here for just a week but I'm already feeling perfectly fine with the Welsh lifestyle! When I'm back in Italy I will probably attend University in Milan, studying Intercultural Communication, I would like to go to live alone as soon as possible because it is really important to me the to feel independent and decide my own life, even if the most important person in my life is my dad and I love him so much, not just because he raised me but because I respect him as a person.

Francesca and her father
At the moment I'm trying to learn Arabic by myself but it is so difficult! I think I'll wait to be at University to learn it properly...even if a lot of Arabic friends of mine could help me, when we're together we prefer hanging out and having a nice time! My best friends names are Gemina and Giulia, who are here in Cardiff just like me, while Gemina is studying Law in Trento. We used to attend the same class in high school and now even if our life choices may be different, we know we’ll always have each other and this makes me so happy because I know how genuine and sincere this friendship is.

I think that’s all, I hope I’ll have a great time here at Peartree and I strongly think so, thanks everybody and have a nice day!
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