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Hello everybody. My name is Alessandro and I will be working till the end of October at Peartree Languages, for this reason I would like you to get to know me a bit more.

I am 20 years old, actually I will be 21 next week. I am studying tourism at university in Milan. I love learning languages, to be in touch with other cultures and of course travelling. I have visited many European countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Greece and exotic countries as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

It is not my first time in the U.K., to be honest I cannot even count how many times I have been to this wonderful country. When I was younger I did a two-week grand-tour of Scotland with my parents (from Edinburgh to the northest point of Highlands on the west coast, then back to the Scottish capital by the east coast), and I have had many study trips to England: Winchester, Cirencester and twice to York.

I am from a little village in the province of Pavia, 35 miles away from Milan. Not far from my house there is the most famous (and maybe most charming) Italian charterhouse and my province is well known for its delicious local dishes and products such as wines, Risotto, Pavia soup, Varzi salami and many kinds of cheese, especially the Grana Padano (similar to Parmesan).

I decided to have a month work experience here at Peartree because I wanted to improve my work skills and my English. My last work experience, at the Brussels-Wallonia Milan Belgian Tourism Office just ended last month. Due to the fact I had a free month before starting my second academic year at university I just wanted to have a “gap month” abroad focused on improving my skills instead of enjoying holidays I could not have in the summer because of work.

I am definitely enjoying the time I am spending in Cardiff, the Welsh capital is the perfect mix between cosmopolitan lifestyle with multicultural environments, high quality restoration and shopping, and the tranquillity of little cities with peaceful spots and seaside. I am really wishing to had another chance in future to stay in this Welsh corner of Heaven for a longer period.

I do not have many hobbies, in Italy I live several kilometres away from my friends’ houses, so everything I need is just hang out with them, have a chat and go to the cinema or to a international restaurant. I like watching movies, in my opinion that is one of the easiest and quickest way to improve your knowledge about another culture, and this way you can also practice and improve your foreign languages knowledge.

I am really in love with finding panoramic places where to relax, look at the sight, take a picture and go back there as soon as possible, that is the reason why I do a lot of countryside walks and I ride my bike for many and many kilometres.

I do not have any short term plans, except for ending my university courses and find my own place where to live, possibly in another part of Italy or Europe and learn other languages, maybe Portuguese, Japanese or Turkish (I almost forgot, I already speak French and Spanish!)

One thing I miss about my country (that is not the first time I live abroad for a while, two years ago I lived in Spain for three months) is my family, including my two cats, and my mother’s cuisine, I am wishing to move for a longer period abroad but that is not easy at all to leave your motherland with its smells, its sounds and every relationed nostalgic detail and to move far away.

Well... I think that is enough about me, as you can tell even when I am writing, I am really talkative. If you are in Peartree Languages, you do not know me or you wish to have a chat just knock at the Pod’s door and we can talk about anything you want!
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