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Peartree students support the Welsh National Rugby Team!!

Wales is just a FANTASTIC place to learn English at the moment! I am so glad I live in Cardiff and I am so proud to be able to recommend this small, cultural and historic nation as a destination to learn and have a study abroad experience for so many reasons, one of which has to be the Welsh people themselves.
Wales is the best place to learn the English language. Students from Peartree Languages are great example!

There is no better example or public display of the passion and enthusiasm of the people of Wales than in our love of rugby, and right now, it’s a golden moment as Cardiff is hosting a couple of matches in the World Cup 2015. Welsh people LOVE rugby, and that is no exaggeration.

The preparation for the match at Peartree, where you can learn and improve the English language
You will find everyone talking about it, from the very young to the very old and when there is a match, not matter who is playing, the streets are full of people from all over the world who come to support their team in the ‘home’ of rugby. Of course, when Wales is playing, the atmosphere is really electric and there is feeling that is once in a lifetime as the city centre is closed and the streets flood with red shirts, daffodils (our national flower) and cheers of WAAAAALEESSSSS (if you would like to hear that sound, just ask Mazin from Oman, he can do it perfectly).
Mazin and Toshi as the best rugby fans,
both of them learn English at Peatree Languages

Last week Peartree Languages students and staff went together to a traditional pub and watched the Wales vs Fiji match. We spoke non-stop English, shared some good jokes, sampled plenty of pub crisps and nuts and then finally cheered Wales to victory! Lots of nationalities were represented from our English language students (Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Colombia, Oman and Japan).

So, what’s next in this exciting tournament? Well, last Saturday night Australia beat England at the English home stadium (Twickenham). It was a terrible defeat for the English as they now exit their own World Cup without qualifying in the group stages. Anyone who was lucky enough to see Wales beat England in the previous week will know that Wales and England are strong rivals in the world of rugby and so there are no tears in Cardiff (maybe a few tears of joy!). Wales are now through to the next round (quarter finals) and will play Australia this Saturday.

Prince William supports Welsh rugby. His brother Harry, doesn't!

It’s still early days and if Wales can pass through the quarter finals and into the semis, we will have reached the same position as the last World Cup. Let’s dream a little further and imagine we go all the way to the final…. should I dare to imagine Wales winni
ng?! That would be the biggest party Wales has ever seen!!
Peartree team cheering for Wales in English 

To sum up, if you are not studying English in Wales, why not?! We have the best atmosphere and ever a better rugby team than England. There has never been such a good time to cross the bridge and have the experience of your life supporting Wales in the rugby World Cup, learning English and of course making international friends.

See you soon for a course at Peartree Languages!

Come on Wales!
Come and study English language at Peartree Languages like our other students!
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